Education Sector Close to Doom

“Like every other institution in the country (Nigeria) facing its worst moment, it seems that the education sector has not been spared. Out of 1,692,435,000 candidates that sat for the West African Senior School Certificate Examination, only 31.2 per cent managed to obtain a credit pass in five subjects, including Mathematics and English.

In 2013, only 36.57 per cent of the candidates managed to cross the bar, a further dip compared to 2012 that had 38.81 per cent of students passing the exam using similar yardstick. If this downward spiral continues the days ahead may spell doom for the education sector. “(, 2014)

Furthermore, since the inception of Information technology communication (ITC), young learners’ attentions have been drawn to its possibilities which have strangely complicated things in education sector. Other sectors of the economy have harness its full potential, education sector is yet to do so. Stakeholders came up with several methods to harness ITC to improve and manage Nigeria education but the desired results are yet to be seen. The major challenge with their approach is that stakeholders focus on just one or two basic traditional element of learning which eventually led to policies failures.

We need to change our approach to the crises in our education system by harnessing all the element of traditional learning system into ICT. The basic element of class room setting are; communication, collaboration and competition among students. We believe that if learning could be made more interesting and fun filled students will learn better..

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