Education and What it Mean

Do you know that the quality of your education determines your performance in any exam [WAEC, Post-UTME, SAT etc.] To be candid, what you known will always reflect on how you think (how you see exam questions), what you write (how you solve questions) and how you write (work presentation). The level of your success in any exams depends largely, on the amount of information you know or that your school provides and you accept.

Education in Nigeria and other countries of the world is a shadow of what it ought to be. Educate is derived from a Latin word ’Educo’ meaning to educate, to draw out, to develop from within. This definition shows that education is more of the mind than of the papers.

Longman dictionary define Education as the process by which you develop your mind through learning at school, college or university. Education is meant to give you the latest information about your desired area of study which you must use to develop your mind.

This is the greatest jest student miss. Passing exam is more of the mind power than of the brain power. The brain power is when you cram as many things as possible to download it back to your teachers. But higher institution entry exams like Post-UTME, SAT test you on how well and fast you can arrange old concepts, ideas and knowledge gained in class to solve questions.

Furthermore, when you take a look at the work place you will notice that qualified minds are needed not qualify brains. The brain is mortal so it is limited to what it has been taught, but the mind is immortal always able to perform according to the extent of your imagination.


My message to you is that, don’t just acquire knowledge but let the process of acquiring knowledge stimulate your mind toward development

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