Helping us help you is the Key



Post-UTME is around the corner…
This is how we plan to help you
1. Help u prepare for Post-UTME & have fun at the same time.
2. Help u know how smart you’re against other students.
3. Put a title to your name. You can become a Lord, if you are exceptional.
4. Free recharge cards to the top 3 students.

This is how you help me
1. Register for this competitive CBT at
2. Play as many test as possible.
3. Drop your comments below after you play a test.
4. Invite your friends and be among the first 200.

What you need to know
1. This online platform is an Edu-gaming CBT website.
2. It’s a practice platform, where you play a test.
3. It has three game modes.
4. It is mobile friendly, play as you go!

When a minimum of 200 players is attained, the top three are rewarded instantly. Kindly, edit your profile when you sign up so that the recharge card can be sent directly to your phone.

By the way, is 100% FREE

Your comment will be highly appreciated
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