Clueless Parent, Stubborn Teenager: A Drama

clueless parent

The silent cries in my heart, my parent can never feel and understand. My yearnings are easily and always misunderstood and I am at a constant disagreement with my “super parent”. I can never talk back, I must not, and even a faint hint of restraint on my countenance becomes a “sin”. I am a prisoner in their Home, the house of my parent. This is my cry for freedom and I trust you can relate to this.

Take this walk with me as I expose how to deal with such clueless parent if you have one.

To illustrate this matter better; this is the details of my heart, my name- Simbi

Am young and strong

Full of strength and vigor

My heart desire adventure

I want to explore the world

But no one seem to understand


My parent feel am still young and weak

They still want to protect me

They desire to control me

They want me to follow their structured path

They feel if I explore I can get hurt

But they are clueless about what I really want


A typical conversation between Simbi and her mum (Note: the words in bold-italics, implies thoughts on the speakers mind)

Mother:               Simbi it’s late, go and sleep.

Daughter             : I am not ready.

Mother              : this child is disobedient; I will report her to her dad

Daughter         : am old enough to determine my bed time, I have a TV-show to watch

Mother                : Have you washed the dishes?

Daughter             : Not now, later.

Mother              : This child is lazy.

Daughter          : All that matter is that the dishes are washed before they are needed.

Mother                 : Keep away from that boy

Daughter             : We are just class mate

Mother              : I want to protect her from the trauma of teenage pregnancy

Daughter         : I like being around him because he understands me and I like him


These conversations go on in different homes, though the expression may differ. What our parent forgets is that their wards are going through a progress of change as they develop into young adult. As young adult they don’t like to be told what to do, when and how to do it.

Parent sometimes don’t fully trust their wards ability to deliver when given a chore or duty. This insecurity prompts them to monitor and control, which generate friction between parent and teenagers.

Hey! Any time this friction of minds occurs, always remember that they mean no harm and probably want the best for you – realizing this and loving them back is an easy way out. Can we both learn to understand one another better; can you teach old dog new tricks?


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