How Zaccheus can Get you Admission in a Choice University.

Short man seeking help

The sleepless night, the burned out midnight oil and the daily ministrations of prayers, was a potent arsenal you thought would path the direct route to the promise land. Alas to our surprise the Red Sea called UTME stood still, and your score was born a Zaccheus (a short man or to have a low UTME score)

I am concerned about how you feel, what could have gone wrong? The uncertainty is; can your score guarantee an admission in any tertiary institution. Every night your pillow is socked with tears, hopping a miracle will happen.

To make matters worse your parent believes it is partly your fault and next year, your kid sister will be writing UTME with you. You are under continuous torture at home. What can you do? Who do you know? Would I stay at home again this year?

Hello friend, my name is Simbi. I have been in your shoes. During those dark days, I felt like committing suicide because I felt the system of this world have decided to be unjust to me. Suddenly, I had a miracle; i created a miracle, and will share from my dairy how I overcame. I called it the Zaccheus Principle.

A stand point you must maintain to create miracles. Yes! The biblical Zaccheus, he stood on a Sycamore tree to see Jesus, he saw Jesus, Jesus noticed him and said “come down, today, salvation has come to your house”. Right now you need to wipe your tears and think like Zaccheus, I have simplified the principles in points.

  1. What is the Reality?

My dear, the first thing you need to do is to accept the reality. That you failed, and that you are not a failure. If you dwell on regrets, hating who you are right now and attempting to exit trough suicide … Doing any of these would signify you believe you are a failure. Zaccheus realized he was short and this disadvantage did not stop him despite the crowd. He cared less about them; you too should focus on way forward.

  1. Make best use of What you Have.

You have to make best use of your UTME score, good things can still happen with that score. For example you can get a change of institution form, apply to polytechnic or colleges of education. Make best use of your present situation! Like Zaccheus he made use of time and quickly climbed a tree, he had a good climbing skill, so what do you have? What are you doing with your time?

  1. You can still get Admission this year

I will also advice that you read 5 inside secret for tertiary admission click here. This article helped me gain insight into what Jambites with low score can do to get admitted this year. To Zaccheus seeing Jesus was like obtaining an admission and he saw Jesus.

  1. Will you ever Learn to be Humble?

The standpoint to your admission miracle requires you listen and learn how to go meet what opportunity is out there. You must also know how to come down, which is having an open mind. Our friend, Zacchues had to come down from the tree, and go meet his admission. He was humble to receive help.

  1. You have to take a Critical Self-awareness Test

At this point, it’s time to critically examine you. Go through the process that led to this failure, what would you have done better if you could turn back the time, I must warn you not to day dream. Be real, if you are not, then you are fooling you, only you. Short man Zacchues examined himself truly, critically and made changes.

If you can only follow these steps, you will get admission. Please be committed to the process, you are not yet there does not mean you will never get there.

Yours Affectionately,


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