How do I Prepare for Post-UTME


Some clueless students started studying for Post-UTME the second day after taking UTME. This is a wrong move and may back fire at the critical moment. The brain needs rest after it has been stretched over extended period of time or else it snaps.

You will know if your brain is about to snap if you suddenly lost interest in learning though a major exam is right around the corner. This is a dangerous position a student can be, it could lead to failure if not well manage.

Let me show you 5 ways on how to prepare for Post UTME and get the high score for your dream school.

  1. Have a Life: “Strange but true; go get a life dude!” Life is not all about academic there is more to life than academic. After UTME, have fun and explore before rushing back to your books. Do something different outside academic. Doing this will reset or refresh your brain, mind and body.
  2. Gather necessary Materials:What you know determines how far you will go” Another mindless reading is not an intelligent approach for A students. Before you attempt to start reading do a little research on how Post UTME works. Get past questions and stay up to date on events
  3. Progressive Study:Rome was not built in a day” With less than two months to the date of your exam you should start studying and gradually pick momentum. UTME and Post UTME are similar; spend more time on revision and strengthen your weakness in various topics.
  4. Success is your Duty:Success belongs to those who pursue it and not for those who desire it” Nothing can replace the place of hard work. Study hard as if your life depends on it because it does. Failure is not an option; success is all you need to labour for.
  5. Play Games with your Book: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Have you heard about ALOC Island? It is an Edu-Gaming platform that let you have fun, relax and learn at the same time. This platform helps keep what you have learnt fresh in your mind as you play a competitive games with your peer. Test your academic swag at 100% free

Best of God in your studies.

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