Why Super Student gets Super Results

super student super results

There is a saying among Nigeria students, it goes thus “A student that study is serious; a student that passes is brilliant”. This sometimes true; a Super student is more than this. Today Simbi shows you how to become a Super student.

The Super student is not from krypton like “Super Man” actually he/she is from plant earth but from a rare tribe. Just like popular Clark Kent of the Small ville series or the Superman movie; a super student shares the same super strength as Clerk. Here are the similarities

  1. A Super Student is a Man of Steel: Just like Clark Kent, a super student is always ready for action; no question, quiz, test or exam takes him/her by surprise. They live by the Boys Scout motto: ”be prepare
  2. Super Student Heals Fast: If a super student fails a question or get low mark they are quick to accept their short coming and trace their steps back. No matter the academic challenge they are swift to react, fix it and continue in the path of success
  3. They have X-ray Vision: Many student acts like “Mumu” or zombie during class lectures. They fail to identify key points that could be likely questions for the exam. A super student discern the likely questions as lecture is going on because they are very attentive and given to details.
  4. Super Speed: As a super student you can’t afford not to do assignment and class work. Super students always get assignment done without blindly copping other students work.
  5. Super Hearing: The power of super hearing is extremely useful especially for university students. You must get timely information on time. Access to the right materials, lecturer area of concentration (AOC) and knowing the guys with the right stuff can make a whole wall of difference between a failure and success.

We all have the capacity to develop the super features of a super student if we spend time to develop it. You have to decide if you will be a Super student or “Mumu”. I leave you with this ‘If it is going to be it is up to you’.

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