How to live without Having regret


The worst enemy is wasted opportunity. Hey! Most people live their life in regret because they missed out on some important opportunities. The truth must be told, in life we miss and gain opportunities; so no qualms.   I use to live in regret of what, I should have done or should not have done. Today, I will share from my diary on how to stop having regrets and live a care free life

1. Live more in the moment.

Make a difference today not tomorrow, today only comes once in your life time. Make it a day worth remembering. Play, have fun, study and pursue your dreams now, not tomorrow. Tomorrow is a day for something else, today is the day for today.

2. Show that you care if you care.

Life is short, if you care about someone or something express it. It is easy to let that time slip away, but once it is gone you can never get it back.

3. Worry less.

Worry is just using your imagination to create the things you do not want. Hey! Take life easy, it is not as difficult as you think ‘jor…’.

4. Forgive more.

It takes a strong person to say “I am sorry,” and an even stronger person to forgive. Forgive and let go–free yourself from grudges and enjoy happiness instead of wasting it.

5. Stand up for yourself.

Stand for what matters to you. Never allow yourself to be bullied or silenced. No one is more important in this world than you are. Spend your time now working on the things you want to accomplish.

6. Care less about what people think.

Opinions are cheap. Stop wasting your moments on other people’s opinions. Ultimately they are just opinions from those who don’t fully share your reality. Live up to your own aspirations, not down to others’ expectations. There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.

7. Faced your fears.

Life is found in the distance between your deepest desire and your greatest fear. Remember, fear is only temporary, but regret lasts forever.


This article was inspired from contact with Nairametric

Image credit: queerinthemetro