How to Spend Mid-Term Break


Hi dear, finally the mid-term break is here. I have been very busy with school work. I am happy that mid-term break is part of school curriculum. This break offers me the time to relax and reboot.

I plan to do lots of exciting stuff and watch some movies like the newly release Terminator 4: Genisys. Here are some other interesting things I would do during this mid-term break.

Catching up on sleep

I have to wake up early to beat morning Lagos traffic. My school is quite a distance from home. I know am sleep deprived so am just ‘gonna’ sleep well. It was said by some experts that teenagers needs between nine and ten hours sleep a night. Am going to do this with some extras.

Go back to first Love

During this mid-term break I will take time to get back into the things I enjoy doing. My hobbies will act as a good release from academic pressures and refreshes my mind

Keeping in touch

Call and chat with my friends Bola and Joy. All the fun cannot be complete without connecting with friends.

Oh! I almost forgot, I have to create some time to do series of mid-term assignments and play some academic games at See you guys after the break…