Jamb 2016 is Here, 3 Sure Success Tips

University of lagos

As I woke up each day, the date for my Unified Tertiary Matriculation Exams (UTME) draws nearer. The expectation from parents, anxiety mixed with a feeling of doubt gradually trouble my young soul. I decided to speak with Simbi a senior colleague that passed UTME in one sitting here are some few tips she shared with me that guarantee her victory over Jamb. She said these tips will condition your mind for success.

Be confident

Never ever panic as the day of the exam draws near. Worrying about whether you are well prepared or not, will only make you anxious, lose concentration and waste valuable time. You may not have covered all topics but make sure you understand what you covered and expand your reach.

Hey! Be confident, go with the mind that you can’t change the pass but can still influence the future.

What you believe matters

“The future belongs to those that believe in the future of their dreams.”Believe that, this is your year to wear the prestigious matriculation gown of your dream university and determine to give it all it takes to achieve it.

Truth about Expos (prepared answers)

Expos are meant for lazy students and I hope that you are not lazy or mentally weak. They are distraction and hindrance form allowing you to reach your potential. UTME questions are not written by gods, they are written by humans like you hence you have the capacity to solve it.

Finally Simbi looked me in the eye saying, “I believe in you, do you?” Though sometimes UTME questions could appear difficult but your performance ultimately depends on you because “if it is going to be it is up to you”. The hand of a diligent man always prosper… And most importantly, don’t forget to practice on magbodo.com. I practice past questions there because it is free and entertaining way to learn.

Best of God, friend.

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