JAMB offered me a Course I don’t like what Should I do?

clueless parent

Tinuke came to my room the other day to explain her plight, she was totally confused. She is just 17 years old and was offered admission into prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University to study Agriculture Economics though she applied for Medicine. She was not sure which viable route to take; take the admission and forfeit Medicine dream or wait another year at home.

Tinuke is a dear sister, so I took my time to explain the options life has presented before her. There are two things she can do in this situation.

Disregard the Admission

Your heart can not lie to you if you choose to open up to advice and be honest with yourself. The big question here is; what you do want or what can you afford to do without and still be fulfill in life? Tinu please search within yourself, if medicine is really what you are design to for. If yes, then disregard the admission. Tinuke, you are just 17 so you can still afford to gamble with time but let say you are 20 plus I would have advised you to take the second option.

Take it and write another Jamb

About 1.5 million students took UTME 2016 seeking higher education admission into tertiary institutions. According to the exam body, only 700,000 students can be admitted, this implies that about 6000,000 students will not get admitted this year. I think you should consider yourself lucky. You can take this admission offer and leave the numerous students that stay at home or wait till next year.

If you take this admission it will get you mentally engage and help you prepare better for the next JAMB. You can always take this admission and then sit for UTME next year hoping to get a better deal this time. From experience, it’s like the more you stay at home after secondary school education the likelihood that you might forgot what you had learnt and this could affect your performance in UTME next year. A wise saying says “A bird in hand is worth two in the bush”

What do you really want?

Tinuke, the solution to this dilemma can only be solved with an honest answer to my first question “What do you really want?” I mean you, not what your parents, friends or society says you should want. Always remember that you will live with the consequences of your action. I have presented the facts before you, choose wisely.

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