Getting Chika out of Boredom

are you bored

Last Friday Chika came visiting and told me she was really bored. When Chika is bored, keeping her company becomes annoying, you know those kind friends… I was quick to tell her that only boring people gets bored. Actually, I did not know where that came from, I just want to help her get out of her miseries. Come to think of it, what does boredom really means. Well, simply put, “When nothing just make sense.” Abi now

As Chika laid on my bed still looking bored, I sat on a piece of wooden furniture dressed with a flower verse. I just have to figure a way to get my girl out of this state else she will infest me with her “Boredom”.

“Chika, why don’t you go to Whatsapp and chats with friends to lighten your spirit.” I said, “At this hour?” She replied. “They are not online.” She added. I quickly replied, “Facebook never sleeps, you can try Facebook”. Chika replied, “It makes me more depress and bored. Seeing happy people and not knowing how to make myself happy makes me hate my condition.”

The trick of getting out of boredom is to take your mind out of your current situation. I said to myself, “A game would be perfect for this scenario.” Hmm… but Chika is to write exams soon…. Alas! I remember this platform that helps students overcome boring moment called

Magbodo (#DontGetZeros) makes learning fun and reward witty performance. I watched Chika face lightens up as she interact with the platform, exploring various academic adventure. She was very happy when she won recharge card and also connect with an old friend. Wow!

MY ADVICE: This summer holiday, don’t just stay in the little boring hole of yours. Come to to have fun and win fabulous prizes. Try it if you can.


By guest writer: Janet


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