Common Mistakes in English language(6)

Common Mistakes Preposition


1. From for Since

Don’t say: He has been ill from last Friday

Say: He has been ill since last Friday

NOTE: “From” can also denote a point of time, but it must be followed by “to” or “till”

E.g. He works from eight o’clock till one o’clock without resting.

2. After for In

Don’t say: I may be able to go after a week

Say: I may be able to go in a week

Or: I may be able to go in a week’s time

NOTE: When we are speaking of a space of time in the future, we must use “in” and not “after.” Here “in” means after the end of.

3. In for Within

Don’t say: I’ll come back in an hour (if you mean before the end of an hour.)

Say: I’ll come back within an hour

NOTE: “In” means after the end of; “within” means before the end of.


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