Common Mistakes in Fashion(1)


Using deodorant and still smelling bad, what can I do?

In this age, almost every young person wears a deodorant and perfume just to smell nice. But if you are keen on fashion and smelling nice like me you would have observed that some people still smell bad though they wear deodorant. The unfortunate thing is that they are not aware of it. The following should help you smell better all day long.


1. What type of deodorant are you using?

Your choice of deodorant can make or mar you. Find deodorant products that work best for your skin and body chemistry. This is a game of chance, you have to keep experimenting to find a perfect match.

2. Take a shower

After a long sweaty sunny day in this Dark Continent, take a shower. Always take a shower immediately when you get home if possible or before you sleep.

3. Dirty under wears

The solution is obvious, keep them clean.

4. Menstrual cycle

For ladies, this a call of nature every female must obey one time or the other. It is one of the burden of being a lady, you know… Doctors’ advice that, “Do not use your sanitary pad for more than 5 hours.” After 5 hours, offensive odor may be generated. Now, sister advising sisters, “change that thing every 5 hours if possible”.

See you later joor…


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