Common Mistakes in English language(8)

Common Mistakes in English Language


1. Arrive at, not to.

Don’t say: We arrived to the village at night.

Say: We arrived at the village at night.

NOTE: “Arrive in” is used for countries and large cities e.g. Mr. Smith has arrived in London.

2. Ashamed of, not from.

Don’t say: He is now ashamed from his conduct.

Say: He is now ashamed of his conduct.

3. Believe in, not to.

Don’t say: Christians believe to Jesus Christ.

Say: Christians believe in Jesus Christ.

4. Benefit by, not from.

Don’t say: She has benefited from the change.

Say: She has benefited by the change.

NOTE: A person derives benefit from: e.g. “she gets much benefit from the change.”

5. Boast of or about, not for.

Don’t say: He boasted for his riches.

Say: He boasted of (or about) his riches.

6. Careful of, not for.

Don’t say: He is careful for his health.

Say: He is careful of his health.

7. Come or go by train, etc., not with the train, etc.

Don’t say: He came with the train yesterday.

Say: He came by train yesterday.


By T. J. Fitikides

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