Wise Moral Stories: A Cowboy and a Tiger

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Some years ago, there was a cowboy in a village of Bardiya. He used to take his cattle to the nearest forest to graze them. After taking the cattle to the jungle, he used to let them go wherever they liked. He used to play the flute sitting on a branch of the tree, but keeping an eye on the animals.

One time he forgot to take his flute with him. He sat on a branch of a tall tree and looked around. He saw that the farmers were planting paddy. He thought to play a trick on them.¬†Then he shouted to them, “Help me, help me. A tiger has come.”

As the farmers heard it, they ran towards the boy to help him. When they reached there, they could not see the tiger. When they looked up at the boy, he was laughing. The farmers knew that it was the stupid boy’s trick.

After four months, one day while he was playing the flute, he saw his goats and cows running here and there. He stopped playing the flute and watched there carefully. He saw a big tiger about to pounce on his goat. He shouted, “Help, Help. The tiger is eating my goats.” The farmers heard the boy shouting, they didn’t come to help. They thought that the boy was again playing the trick on them. The boy went on begging for help and the farmers went on


Moral: A liar only gets sorrows (Be careful of the kind tricks you play).



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