Common Mistakes in Fashion (2): Just Guys


Hello guys, this week we bring in 3 top mistakes guys make when dressing cooperate or dressing to a cooperate event.

Long ties

About long ties, no matter how long your tie is the tip should be at your belt’s buckle anything longer than that is IMPROPER.

Light and Light, Dark and Dark.

Still on shirts and tie, do not wear a light coloured tie on a light coloured shirt  because it makes everything look all light and nothing is popping out and vice versa(there are some exceptions). Your tie and shirt should COMPLEMENT each other not supplement, so wear a light coloured shirt with a dark coloured tie and vice versa. For example a light pink shirt and a wine tie is a good combination.

Some ties go with white shirt.

OBJECTION!!! All colours, patterns, stripes, checks goes with a white shirt.


For more tips on guys fashion see you next week…


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