6 Resumption tips: Take yourself to the Top

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Happy resumption!. Welcome back to school, am sure you are in a new class, having a new teacher, new books, new classmates and some of you new schools. Congratulations to you all and am sure you made some effort to earn the promotion. We are going to be giving out 12 steps to take you from where you are to the top of your class, if you’re already there good job,  this is to keep you there.

1. Set your goal.

Start out this session by writing goals on what you would like to achieve in your academics this session and this term in your tests and exams, also write out steps and method you intend to take to achieve them. Always read them everyday to keep you focused.

2. Always read notes.

Reading notes immediately after class or that same day helps it stick better and longer in your memory.

3. Read ahead.

Reading ahead of the next class gives you more knowledge on the topic than your peers, so that when the teacher eventually teaches the topic you comprehend faster and easier.

4. Always be prepared.

Be ready for tests and exam before the dates are announced, study like tomorrow is your exam.

5. Ask questions.

Cultivate the habit of always asking questions each class. If you are finding a part difficult, ask your teacher, senior and classmates that understand properly to put you through.

6. Early to bed, early to rise.

Research shows that students need at least 7 hours of sleep every night for the brain to be active in class in the day. So cut out those late night movies and chats.

to be continued…….

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