What students should do in this Economic Recession

In this economy state of Nigeria where some people claim dollars is affecting us, some say it’s the change in governance and some claim that its because of our sins that’s why God is purnishing us………what do you think?

Hmmmmmm as for me simbi I strongly believe it is NONE OF THE ABOVE, it is not fully our fault the way we are seeing these but i believe you and I are sole responsible for ourselves and our nation. We Nigerians are fond of blaming our government on every little thing that happens in this nation and to us, we should have noticed that all this pushing of blames since our independence is not working.
It is high time we take responsibility for ourselves and nation and start seeing ourselves as the government and not the masses because this change in perception helps us see that we are responsible for a lot of things and people in our nation which pushes us to think on how we can stretch ourselves out of our comfort zones to add value, give superior content and make life much more easier.

Thinking upon these things opens our eyes to the ocean of oppurtunities surrounding us, coupled with passion, dillegence and faith our nation will be a better place.

Get up friend and stop playing victim, be the CHANGE and stop waiting for someone to proclaim themselves as change this is NO JOKE IT’S A CALL TO ACTION, God bless our nation.

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