Common mistakes in Fashion (3): Just guys

Hello guys, here is the continuation of last week’s common mistakes guys make when dressing corporate or to a corporate event. Did you missed last week tips read Common Mistakes in Fashion (2): Just Guys

Coloured shoes.

Never wear blue, red, green or any other coloured shoes when dressing corporate they are inappropriate, stick to black or brown leather shoes. In some cases white can also be appropriate.

Belts and Shoes.

Always match the colour of your belts with your shoes except when wearing white shoes.


You should always where a belt if your trousers have belt loops, if they don’t they should have side buttons or tabs so that you can use suspenders.


Don’t wear shirts with any sort of logo be it at the back, front, very small. Reserve those shirts for casuals.


Never wear sports wristwatch or sunglasses or both while wearing a suit. Its like wearing lace and all- stars, who does that?


Here we come to the end of common mistakes in fashion for guys, Feel free to drop your comments and contributions below.

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