Common Mistakes in English language: Prepositions

Preposition has always been one of the fundamentals in forming a statement, sentence, phrase, clause etc. It is a very vital part of speech in English language. Here, are some common mistakes students make with prepositions.

1. Conform to, not with.

Don’t say: We must conform with the rules.

Say: We must conform to the rules.

Note. But “comply” takes “with” e.g “We will comply with your request.”

2. Congratulate on, not for.

Don’t say: I congratulate you for your success.

Say: I congratulate you on your success.

3. Covered with, not by.

Don’t say: The Mountains are covered by snow.

Say: The Mountains are covered with snow.

4. Cured of, not from.

Don’t say: The man was cured from his illness.

Say: The man was cured of his illness.

Note. But the noun “cure” takes for: e.g “ There is no cure for that disease.”

5. Depend on, not from.

Don’t say: It depends from him.

Say: It depends on him.

Note. Also ‘rely on’ e.g ‘ I cannot rely on him.’

So speak right and write right.

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