Wise Moral stories: Greedy Friends


Once upon a time, there lived three friends. One day they were travelling through a forest in order to go to a city. They wanted to earn money. Fortunately, they found a bag of money. They felt very happy. They decided to divide it equally among them.

They were very tired and hungry because they were travelling regularly for a long time. They decided to have food. One of them went to the neighbouring village to buy food. Others stayed there. He bought some food in the next village. He thought of killing others as he was full of temptation. He put some poison into the food. He wanted to take all the money.

The other friends plotted against him. They decided to kill him and divide the money between two. When he reached his friends with poisoned food, they immediately murdered him and ate the food. After a few minutes, they died of poison on the spot. The bag of money was left there unclaimed. Thus three friends who conspired against and murdered each other because of their greed.

Moral: Conspiracy and extreme greed lead one to failures and chaos.


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