Wise Moral stories: Lion’s Skin and a Fox

wise story lion and fox

Once upon a time there were many animals in an African forest. Many tigers, lions, rhinos, hyenas and elephants lived there. They were living peacefully.


But one day a herd of hungry hyenas killed a lion and ate up all his flesh, but they left the lions skin there. A fox came there from somewhere. He was cleaver and cunning. When he saw the lion’s skin, he wore it like a coat and went to meet his friends. On the way the tigers saw him and they thought that he was a lion. So, they ran away. The fox thought that he had become the real powerful king and everybody was afraid of him. As he reached his home, he saw that his friends also thought him a real lion and were afraid of him. He became happy.


In the evening other foxes started barking. He forgot that he was a fox, not a lion. Like other days, he also started barking. The other foxes knew that he was not a lion – he was a fox. They caught him and took off the lion’s skin. Then they started to bite him and they hurt him badly. Finally, they didn’t involve him in their group. He became alone thereafter.


Moral: No matter how long you hide the truth, it will always prevail

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