6,000 Nigeria Past Questions API endpoints (JAMB, WAEC, NECO)

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Sometimes when you attempt to build a striving startup in Nigeria a lot of shit happen… I ran a startup for a while, that I put my heart and resource into from late 2013. This startup helps Nigerian students seeking higher institution education prepare for its major exams. Our unique angle was to make students experience Computer Base Test (CBT) in a gaming environment. This we did excellently well. We call the platform ALOC(Academic League of Champions).

ALOC is an adventure-based CBT practice platform with an engaging game story that unravels as students’ progress in game levels. We use gaming concepts to increase student practice time and grade.

In layman terms, ALOC makes learning fun, reward witty performance and make academic excellence the “new cool”.

Idle Past Questions

We have a database of UTMEWASSCE, NECO, Post-UTME past questions which took a lot of effort and resources to put together. We felt those questions are sitting too idle so we decided to open its APIs source code and endpoints. Software developers, educators, and stakeholders can use these questions to develop interesting apps for students.

JSON return of Question and Answer

You can now make API calls to get major Nigeria examinations past questions. 100% FREE. Innovators can focus on building great apps for students with unlimited access to trivial questions of major examinations in Nigeria. We have about 6,000 questions comprising of UTME, WASSCE, NECO, Post-UTME

Supported Subjects

We currently support 16 subjects namely

  • English language
  • Mathematics
  • Commerce
  • Accounting
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • English literature
  • Government
  • Christ Religious Knowledge
  • Geography
  • Economics
  • Islamic Religious Knowledge
  • Civic Education
  • Insurance
  • Current Affairs
  • History

Exams supported

We have questions for three major examinations in Nigeria

  • UTME
  • WASSCE (limited)
  • Post-UTME (very limited)

Years Supported

This depends on the subject, but please note, the years vary from 2001 to 2013

URL parameters

You can supply a subject, type and year to the API URL.

subject: english, mathematics , commerce , accounting, biology , physics, chemistry, englishlit, government, crk, geography, economics, irk, civiledu, insurance, currentaffairs, history

type: utme, wassce, post-utme

year: 2001, 2002, 2003…

API call Examples

Get a question


Get several questions


Get a question by year


Get a question by exam type


Get a question by type and year


Contribute and Use

The source code for this project can be found on Git Hub. Feel free to contribute. If this project (Nigeria Past questions API endpoints) get much traction, a friend suggests that we build another open source project where users can report questions with wrong answer, typographical error, and poorly explained solutions.

The above-suggested project will definitely not be built with Laravel but with React, Prisma, Apollo, and GraphQL.

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