How JAMB CBT Chat app help prepare students for UTME 2108

JAMB Chat ALOC sample cbt

My mama wants me to pass JAMB just once and i don’t want to disappoint her. I have been studying hard, but you know, learning could be boring. Sometimes, i just dislike studying, i really want to play and spend some time on my phone. How i wish i could play and learn at the same time.

My lazy finger went to google play store hoping to find something that may excite me. I found ALOC Lyte, a JAMB CBT Chat app, that allows me to take past questions in a chat app. On the app, i used my cute friend Omolara as app background as i answer government past questions. Doesn’t she looks cute?

If you wanna try something new and fresh for JAMB CBT app for 2018 check out ALOC Ltye

-Little Joe

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