Finally, boring time are over, learning and  practice can now be Fun. Welcome to Academic League of Champions (ALOC) a realm where you compete with friends for fun and glory. Play games with your books today and get rewarded.  Click here to game with your books

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Welcome to ALOC Island |The Realm of Human Knowledge

Meet Maama

Maama became the Supreme Leader when she successfully resisted the Outlaws from exterminating the Ancient Guardians of Human Knowledge. Maama currently govern ALOC Island, protecting it from invasion.

Meet The Explorers

Explorers are foot soldiers(Gamer) that work with Maama to secure the realm of human knowledge from invasion from Outlaws.

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Meet The Outlaws

Once Master Champions and Gate Keepers, their greed for power and eternal control of the learning realms earned them an exiled and Outlaw status. They currently rule Doom city and invade ALOC island.


GAME STORY | ALOC : The Origins

This ancient story reveals why people dislike learning. This game empowers you to change that.
Ancient Guardians of Human knowledge who nurtured and protected human Knowledge; created realms of learning accessed only by the elite; governed by Masters and Gatekeepers.

An orphan girl child adopted by a Guardian access knowledge, the decision was opposed by some Masters and Gatekeepers. Years past, she grew into the rank of the Masters.

The Guardians proposed a new order- an accessible Learning Realm for all. A group of Masters led by Kudah resisted this because they desire to pervert knowledge for selfish interest which led to students’ mass failure. On the day the new order was to be installed, the Guardian were besieged by the resistant, a plan to take over power. The plan was foiled by Mama the orphan girl

She proven herself as an ambassador of the new order, installed as supreme leader of ALOC (Academic League of Champions). The exile Masters- the Outlaws wage ceaseless battle to seize power, to prove that learning can only be an exclusive right of the elite.

As an academic cadet help Mama conquer the Outlaws, recover the stolen realms- prove the Outlaws wrong. Make Mama proud.. Click to start a game mode.


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